Friendship Day Special

Friends come in all shapes and sizes! 😊 Some of us have so many friends that we do not bother keeping count, while some may have a handful of close friends, and some others may have just that one friend. We may have some friends since childhood, some that come in at different walks of life and move on, some that we have a good time with, some that we share our hearts with…

All of this is known to us, so what is the point of this post, do you ask?


The point is – how many of us have a ‘Kalyan Mitr’? A friend who is a well-wisher in the true sense of the word, the literal translation of this Hindi word is ‘wellbeing friend’. A Kalyan Mitr is someone who only wants the best for you, and will have no qualms about standing up against everyone, and sometimes even against you, in order to help you see the bigger picture, for your wellbeing. The friend could be a family member, a cousin or a colleague, but is a friend above all! Here’s a quick checklist for you to assess whether you have a friend who falls into the ‘Kalyan Mitr’ category.

A Kalyan mitr

  • Loves you unconditionally!
  • Accepts you for what you are, even though they may make suggestions from time to time
  • Does not always agree with you
  • Never thinks twice about arguing with you
  • Feels happiest whenever you succeed, no matter how small or big the success may be
  • Does not compare your life with theirs
  • Does not feel insecure about your friendship
  • Always has an opinion
  • Respects your choices and decisions
  • Encourages you, and never belittles you
  • Is liberal with appreciation and compliments, that matter to you not just superficially but also at a deeper level
  • Never walks out of your life permanently, even though they may temporarily do so
  • Neither judges, nor worries about being judged by you. Are you thinking, ‘friends never judge’? Sorry to disappoint you, but many do!

So, now that you have this checklist, this Friendship Day, along with the usual celebration, do ponder and see if you have at least one Kalyan Mitr in your life; and do express your gratitude to them for being a part of your life and making it so unique. The least you can do is express to them how special they are to you.

And also introspect and see if you are, or can be, a Kalyan Mitr to at least one friend, because you may not necessarily be the Kalyan Mitr of your Kalyan Mitr! Have a great Friendship Weekend.


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