Speed up your self-work journey with ReFind You Workshops

We are overjoyed to share with you thar ReFind You is conducting workshops across topics and domains this year.

Handling Emotions Workshop Series

We begin with a series on Handling Emotions, where each workshop addresses one powerful negative emotion that, when not handled correctly, can wreak havoc in our lives. We are conducting four workshops in this series, one Saturday a month, on Anxiety, Handling Procrastination*, Anger and Frustration, and Depression. Procrastination is not an emotion, but it is caused due to an emotional disturbance, which is why it features in this series. This series is designed based on the application of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, a modality is used extensively by coaches and therapists globally.

Leadership Development Program

To be launched in June, this program comprises of 7 highly impactful topics in order to equip you to be an even better leader at work. We will be announcing these topics soon.

Spiritual Workshops

This is an area that is an interesting one, because the term ‘Spiritual’ can mean different things to different people. We define it as something that when we are oriented well, can have a deeper impact on day-to-day functioning, because when we resolve deeper blocks, we free ourselves to live the life that we want for ourselves! We are conducting workshops on the following topics:

Deservability (this is one of the biggest roadblocks that comes in the way of success, without people actually being aware of it. If you think you don’t deserve something, whether it is love, or money, or success, no matter how hard you try, it will not come to you!

Prosperity and Money Consciousness – This workshop focuses on money beliefs that you have, uncovers the conditioning around prosperity and money, and helps you change them, so that you can welcome abundance into your life.

How to Make Affirmations that Work – This is such a powerful workshop, that it’s amazing to see results. The magic that gets created from making affirmations correctly and doing them the right way is inexplicable.

You can register for whichever of the above workshops you would like here: www.refindyou.com/online-workshops

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life (Two-Day in-person workshop) – A workshop that helps you deep-dive into yourself for two full days, helps you lovingly uncover limiting beliefs, bring you in touch with your true self and unleash your potential in the real sense of the word. You can read about the experiences of our past participants to know what kinds of shifts they have experienced. Details of this workshop are given here: www.refindyou.com/2-day-workshop

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