About Us

ReFind You, as the name suggests, is about finding yourself, exploring the deeper truth and having a rational approach to life. We at ReFind You facilitate your journey towards growth and success. Our motto is to offer you all the support you need in order to ‘Resolve to Evolve’.  RFY-verticals

Life is not about changing others, but making adjustments in self, so that life becomes much more beautiful than what it currently is. We empower you to take that big leap, and make your life more meaningful.

We help individuals and groups resolve their issues, accomplish their goals, and achieve happiness and success.

Coaching, Training & Counselling are the three primary verticals.

Our team of certified professionals believe in reaching out and bringing about lasting change in the lives of individuals, through counselling, therapy, coaching and corporate training.

Click here to read about Sushma, the founder of ReFind You.

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