Communicating Despite Differences

1 day training based on Internationally Acclaimed Tool – Psycho-Geometrics® (The Science of using Geometric Shapes to Decode People)

What is the biggest challenge in interpersonal relationships? Communication!

What is the biggest challenge in communication?  Getting through to people that are different from us 

And knowing that 75% of people are different from us, imagine the level of the challenge!

What if you learn the secret to decode people and thus communicate with others in a way that they get you? Yes, it is possible. And that too backed by science!

Welcome to our Training – Communicating Despite Differences’, based on Shape Psychology 

As per Psycho-Geometrics®, personality traits are mapped to five geometric shapes

Square (or Box)





Each one of us has a dominant shape and the characteristics of that shape. And we usually get most triggered and struggle to get along with a person whose dominant shape is our least used shape.

Join us for this fun and learning filled training, that helps you understand yourself better, learn about others, and communicate despite all the differences!

Training highlights: 

  • Assessment to know the score of all your shapes
  • More insights into yourself 
  • Insights into others – your family, friends, co-workers and boss!
  • Understand the reasons why some people trigger you 
  • Engaging tools to communicate with those that are completely different from you, at home and at work 
  • Learn to communicate effectively with those who you do not get along with, because they just don’t get you! 


Saturday, 22nd April – 9.30 am to 6 pm (breakfast begins at 8.45 am)

Hotel Suba International, Andheri East

What you will get: 

  • Your Psycho-Geometrics® assessment report (with a score of each of your five shapes)
  • A special Psycho-Geometrics® gift 
  • Reading material
  • Worksheets 
  • Certificate of Participation 
  • Breakfast, lunch and Tea
  • An entire day filled with fun and learning! 

All this at a special introductory discount fee!

Rs. 10000 Rs. 7850 (inclusive of GST) 

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