“Goodbye 2022, Welcome 2023” WhatsApp Challenge

We are so excited that you would like to join us for the Goodbye 2022, Welcome 2023 WhatsApp Challenge!

This is a 10 day challenge, starting on Monday, 26th December 2022, until Wednesday, 4th January 2023.

What is this challenge about?

This challenge focuses on helping go over the entire year, celebrate moments of joy, let go of moments of sadness, pain and stress, and move into the new year with a clean slate. You then set the tone for the new year with a few more reflective activities.

What kind of activities will you be doing? How will this challenge work?

These are all simple activities – worksheets, meditations, reflections that will require just some time out of your entire day. The activity for the day will be sent to you at 8 am IST every day. You will do it at your time and pace. The WhatsApp group will be an admin only group, but will be open for participant sharing every evening, from 7 pm to 8 pm IST. Sharing on the group is not mandatory, but you can make the most of the group to share and learn from like-minded people.

How can you register for the challenge?

  1. Fill out your details in the form below. Make sure there are no errors
  2. Check your email/WhatsApp for the link to join the group
  3. The challenge begins on 26th Dec, but you can join the group as soon as you register
  4. Be willing to openly participate in this journey inwards, so you truly bid goodbye to the year and step into the new year with ease and joy

How much do you need to pay?

This is a free challenge. But you need to invest your time and commitment to go through the 10 days. 🙂 Feel free to share this link http://www.refindyou.com/challenge with your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, so they can participate too!