Company Policy

Here is the revised ReFind YouTM Company Policy, Effective from 1st August 2019

  1. Limited/No communication over Whatsapp

While you may be able to send messages over Whatsapp, there is no guarantee of your messages being responded to. All communication regarding doubts, appointments scheduling etc. is to be done through email, on In case of an emergency, where you are unable to access your email, you can send an SMS.

  1. Prior appointments are mandatory

We would like to clarify that there are two models that organizations follow in the counselling profession. – 1. An ongoing series of sessions, scheduled at regular intervals, based on the availability of the client and counsellor, where prior appointments are mandatory. 2. A helpline, where you can call or write in whenever you are distressed, and can expect your queries and issues to be addressed. ReFindYouTM follows the first model, and therefore, ad-hoc phone calls cannot be entertained, since our days are planned well in advance. In case of an emergency, you can write to us on email, and if we do have a slot available for Skype/telephonic/in-person counselling, we will definitely accommodate. We at ReFind YouTM strongly believe in helping you ‘Resolve to Evolve’.

  1. Session duration

The duration of each session would be up to 60 minutes. The session duration will be calculated from the time that was pre-decided, and not based on your time of arrival. Therefore, we request you to factor in travel time, so that you can utilize the entire time allocated for you. Also, we will not continue beyond 60 minutes. Therefore, make sure that you come prepared with the pointers you wish to speak about, and keep it as concrete as possible, so as to make maximum progress.

  1. Fees

The fee per session would be:

Rs. 1,500 for an individual session (up to 60 minutes)

Rs. 1,800 for a joint session (up to 60 minutes)

(Note, the joint session is one that involves two or more individuals. These could be a couple, parent and child, manager subordinate, family of parents and child etc. Individual sessions for a couple signing up for relationship counselling would also be Rs. 1800, owing to the backend and coordination work involved)

Kindly note, this is a professional fee, and an investment being made by you for your self-growth. Therefore, we request you not to negotiate, as these fees are non-negotiable.

  1. Payment Terms

Prepayment of fees is mandatory for the appointment to be confirmed. A screenshot of the payment is to be shared on, for us to confirm receipt and reserve the appointment slot for you. In case of failure to make the payment, we at ReFind YouTM will reserve the right to cancel the appointment. You can either pay via PAYTM or Google Pay on 9987706648 or make an online bank transfer. The account details are given below:

Name: Sushma Iyer Rasal
Account type: Savings
Bank name: Yes Bank
Account Number: 004596800000666
IFSC Code: YESB0000045
Branch: Cadel Road, Mahim West, Mumbai

  1. Cancellation Policy

A 50% cancellation fee would be applicable in case you request a cancellation/reschedule to a different within 24 hours of the appointment. After deduction, the remaining amount will be refunded to you. In case of no show, or cancellation within 2 hours of appointment time, the entire amount will be forfeited, and no amount will be refunded.

  1. Payment modes and terms:

There are four modes of payment available – Online transfer, Google pay, PAYTM, or cheque payment. You can either choose to pay per session, or for two or more sessions in advance. In case of advance payments, we can send a log of the sessions and the corresponding payment adjusted.

  1. Session venue

Owing to the pandemic, all sessions will be conducted virtually, either over the telephone or over Video call, the options being Skype, Google Duo or Google Hangout.

  1. Client information sheet

We would require some basic information from you, in order to help us plan and execute our sessions better. Kindly fill up the form by clicking on the following link: All the information provided is for our records, and will be kept confidential.

  1. Session recording

If you wish to have the session audio-recorded, for you to be able to listen to it multiple times, we can do so, in complete confidentiality. After the session, the audio recording will be mailed to the email id provided by you. You will need to inform us in advance, for us to make necessary provisions. In case of a joint session, if one of the clients is not keen on recording the session, no recording will be done. Note: as a client, you are requested not to record the session without the permission of the counsellor.

  1. Homework assignment

All assignments agreed upon during the session need to be completed and mailed to, at least 24 hours prior to the session. If not, then the topic under discussion may not be addressed in the upcoming session.

We look forward to your cooperation and support, as always!