In the fast paced lives of today, we often feel bogged down, and wish to get a shortcut and foolproof way to happiness. What is happiness? How is it possible to be happy at all times, irrespective of the situation we are in? Is it really possible to be happy 24×7? Well, the answer is YES! And we at ReFind You are here to help you do just that… Re-explore your inner potential and find happiness! There are several ways of tracing your path to happiness, and depending on the intensity of your problems and your comfort level and preferences, we offer you the options of Personal one-to-one Counselling, Group Growth Sessions, Family Growth Sessions, Couple Growth Sessions and Campaigns.

Counselling services at ReFind You

Counselling Services offered at ReFind You

 Personal Counselling:

You can opt for personal counselling when you wish to discuss your issues, whether they are minor problems bothering you, or intense problems like depression, high levels of stress, addictions, anxiety, etc, which you cannot discuss with friends comfortably. We offer you the options of face-to-face counselling, telephonic and online counselling. Read More

Group Growth Sessions:

Group Growth Session is based on the concept that when a group of people bothered by a similar issue get together, they can share their concerns and get solutions to their problems. The topic of the session will be pre-decided, and we would facilitate the session so as to make sure that the participants do not drift away from the topic. Read More

Family Growth Sessions:

Family Growth Sessions are the best way of bridging gaps between your family members and growing closer, without losing your individuality. While people tend to neglect the rapport among family members, the fact remains that a great family atmosphere leads to an overall sense of happiness, since the family forms the backbone of our lives.  Read More 

Couple Growth Sessions:

Couple Growth Sessions aim at enhancing understanding and compatibility between partners, learn the importance of empathy and unveil the secrets of a successful marriage. Read More


Voluntary participation in campaigns for community welfare will help you experience the joy of contributing to the betterment of society.  Read More