Forgiveness Worksheet

Here are a few reflection questions. Take your time to answer these. Feel free to write down anything that comes up for you in your journal/notepad. Notice how you feel. Lovingly hold space for yourself as you take this journey. Do not forget to wrap it up with the affirmations created specially for you!

1) How easy or difficult is it for you to forgive?

2) What was your experience with forgiveness during your growing up years?

3) Would your mother forgive easily?

4) Would your father forgive easily?

5) What would it take for you to forgive those who hurt you and/or let you down (yourself included)?

6) Are you willing to give yourself the gift of forgiveness? Are you willing to let go and release all hurt and resentment?

7) Today, if you choose to forgive all those who let you down, including yourself, how would your life be different?

Affirmations for you:

I am willing to forgive, and make room for new experiences filled with joy

I forgive everyone, including myself. for not being perfect. Everyone is doing what they can with the knowledge and skills they have. I am doing the best I can too

I forgive, I let go of the past, and set myself free