Harmonize… Your Fitness Story

Are you fed up of being on and off diets and fitness regimes that you are just not able to stick to? Now that the New Year is here, are you apprehensive of having a fitness-related new year resolution, because you are sure that it is going to fail once again? Well, we completely understand your situation, and have designed this 2-day workshop just for you. Read on to know more…

“Harmonize… Your Fitness Story” is a 2 day workshop that:

  • Teaches your conscious and unconscious mind to think like a fit person
  • Helps you set SMART goals, and create a roadmap to achieve them
  • Empowers you to deal with contingencies that may push you off the fitness track
  • Equips you with tools and techniques to seamlessly integrate fitness into your life

The workshop aims at working on your conscious and subconscious mind simultaneously, so that fitness becomes a part of you!

You should attend, if:

  • You have consistently been on and off ‘diets’ and exercise routines
  • You just cannot manage to make time for fitness
  • You really want to, but something just pulls you back
  • You have tried several times, and now you’re fed up!

Here are the benefits of attending the workshop. All we are asking from you is two days, wherein you are present both physically and mentally, participating actively and carrying out all the activities with your heart. And by the end of the 2 days, you will have:

  • a goal sheet and a fitness plan, customized for you, by you
  • a set of ready-to-use tools to ensure you stick to you plan, come what may
  • the knack of handling sudden situations and contingencies, which usually make fitness plans go haywire
  • a completely fresh perspective to fitness, and life in general


Methodologies used:

It is important that you know what are various ways in which we are going to achieve your fitness goals, together! So, here they are…

  • Fun-filled activities and games
  • One-on-one interactions
  • Worksheets
  • Do-it-yourself techniques
  • Role-plays
  • Secret weapons to deal with challenges in day-to-day life


To know more about the program, feel free to call on +91 8655262712 or email on refindyou@gmail.com.