“Hello, Dear Past!” WhatsApp Challenge

Hi! Welcome to day 5! 

Today comprises of two parts: 

Part 1: write a story of your life- you are protagonist, and you are going to write a story that talks about you- your milestones, setbacks, accomplishments- how everything has contributed to who you are today.

I recommend you write it in third person. Example: Here’s a story about Sushma, who… 

You can write it the way you like. You don’t have to be a writer or storyteller for this activity 

Part 2: Collect symbols, pictures etc that depict your journey, and put them together using Canva or any other tool. You can collect the pictures and we can collate them together when we meet in the evening. 

I look forward to seeing you all later today.. have a wonderful Wednesday 

Welcome to Day 4!

Welcome to Day 3!

Today, you will need to listen to this audio piece. Make sure that you do not have any distractions around you. Once you finish the activity, do not be in a hurry.. stay with your thoughts, and write down everything that you feel. We will discuss this on the group. Looking forward!

Welcome to Day 2:

Here is today’s activity.. Hope you enjoy doing this one.. See you on the group in the evening, at 8 pm IST!

In case you missed day 1, here it is:

Click on Play video below to see what today’s activity is all about.

We look forward to interacting with you at 8 pm IST today on the WhatsApp group!

In case you missed out on yesterday’s introductory video, you can watch it below:

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