Personal Counselling

You can opt for personal counselling when you wish to discuss your problems. Most of the time, we are not really looking for someone to solve our problems; rather we merely require a sounding board, or somebody to listen to us and make suggestions. We might have had a bad day, or find it difficult to get along with colleagues and subordinates. We might have answers to our problems within us. Speaking to a professional helps us not just to feel better but also find a direction to take so as to solve our problems.

Alternatively, we might have intense problems like depression, high levels of stress, addictions, anxiety, regular conflicts internally as well as with people around us, and so on. We might not be comfortable to discuss these with friends. Personal counselling is the best alternative in such a scenario, whereby you not only have the opportunity to discuss the problem at length with a professional but also learn ways of coping with the problem effectively. In this way, you will experience a long-term difference, rather than a temporary good feeling.

Face-to-face counselling, online counselling and telephonic counselling

Three easy options available for Personal Counselling

Some of the barriers that come in the way of a successful counselling session are distance, convenience, availability of time, and so on. In order to overcome these barriers, ReFind You offers the following options:

(A) Face-to-Face  Personal Counselling

(B) Telephonic Counselling

(C) Online Counselling

(Note: Counselling sessions would be scheduled strictly based on prior appointments)