Online Workshops

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Here are our recently conducted Workshops, that provided valuable insights in the self-growth journey of participants. 

1. How to make Affirmations that Work

Two- hour workshop on Zoom | Thursday, 28th October, 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM IST | MRP: INR 1500 

What does this workshop cover: 

We all are aware of affirmations, many of us have tried to create them too. However, many a times, we do not do it in a way that works for us. This workshop aims at helping you delve deeper, identify what you truly want, create an affirmation that truly resonates with you and train you with ways to practise them. 

The workshop promises to be filled with fun and insights! 

2. Say a ‘No’ with Calmness & Compassion

Two hour workshop on Zoom | Saturday, 13th November, 11 AM to 1 PM IST | MRP: INR 1500 


What does this workshop cover: 

Saying ‘No’ often causes a lot of stress. Whether at work or in personal life, while many of us think that it is not an option that we have at all, some of us tolerate until it crosses a threshold, and we then explode. In either case, it affects us, clouds our mind  and fills us with anxiety, guilt, frustration and many other unhelpful emotions. Not only does it make us feel bad about ourselves, but it also hampers relationships. In this workshop, we work together on learning to set healthy boundaries and express ourselves with a lot of calmness and compassion, that makes us feel good about ourselves and helps us enjoy healthy relationships. 

Join us for 2 hours filled with insightful revelations and go back into your world with an executable plan of action to Say a No! 

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