RapidFire with ReFind You


Join us for a fun game of RapidFire on Zoom on next Thursday, 21st September, at 9 pm IST to 10 pm IST

Specially curated questions, some about favourites, some about experiences, some involving reflections, some about dreams… Overall, loads of fun!

Facilitated by Sushma I R, lead Psychologist, Coach and Facilitator, with multiple international licenses and experience of over a decade, you can be sure of having a number of “a-ha” moments through the hour.

Register now!

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What you will take away:

1) Increased Self-Awareness: The RapidFire questions will prompt you to reflect on various aspects of yourself, such as your values, beliefs, emotions, and behaviours. This introspection can lead to a better understanding of your own thoughts and feelings.

2) Discovery of Personal Strengths and Weaknesses: By answering a variety of questions, you would identify your strengths and weaknesses. This awareness can help you leverage your strengths and work on improving areas of weakness.

3) Enhanced Emotional Intelligence: Questions related to emotions and reactions can help you  recognise your emotional triggers 

4) Insights into your priorities: You will get a better sense of your priorities, and you may realise what you truly value in life 

5) Insights on relationships: You will know what triggers you in relationships, what works for you, etc. You may be able to recognise patterns in your relationships that are both helpful and detrimental


Where: Zoom

When: Thursday, 21st September, 9 pm to 10 pm IST

Energy Exchange: Rs. 499

GPAY 9987706648 or UPI ID refindyou@yesbank or pay using button below: 

Once we receive your payment, you will receive the Zoom login on Email on the day of the workshop. And you show up, all set to have fun!

Self-work doesn’t have to be serious always, right! So, join us and let’s have fun with introspection!