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We’ve given a brief outline of what will be covered in each of the topics under the three categories, so that you can decide the topics you would like to sign up for.

Category 1:  Leadership and Skill-Development (7 topics)

(Each topic: 90 minute duration, 699 per session)

How to have Meaningful & Impactful conversations?

You will learn:

• The usual hurdles in the way of an impactful conversation

• Asking (yourself) the right questions

• The checklist for effective communication

• Handling negative reactions during conversations

Session on: Friday, 1st May, 7 PM IST

Managing conflicts – Level 1

You will learn:

•  Reasons and causes of conflict

•  Stages in conflict

•  Factors affecting conflicts

•  Types of conflicts

•  Skills for conflict management

Session on: Friday, 8th May, 7 PM IST

Managing conflicts – Level 2*

You will learn:

• Diagnosing a conflict

• The conflict resolution process

• Conflict management strategies

• Assessment to evaluate your conflict management style

Session on: Friday, 15th May, 7 PM IST

How to be an excellent listener?

You will learn:

•  Misconceptions about listening

•  Being an active listener

•  Understanding and overcoming barriers

•  Demonstrations

•  Active listening techniques

Session on: Friday, 22nd May, 7 PM IST

Developing a solution-focused attitude

You will learn:

• The difference between problem focus and solution focus

• Solution-focused approach v/s solution-focused attitude

• The problem focus cycle

• The nuances of solution focus

Session on: Friday, 29th May, 7 PM IST

How to give feedback so your team gets the point!

You will learn:

• The actual meaning of feedback

• Psyche of giver and receiver of feedback

• Importance of objectivity

• Steps to give constructive feedback

Session on: Sunday, 31st May, 11.30 AM IST

Joining the dots to be a great leader

You will learn:

• A fresh perspective on leadership

• Relooking at the attitudes, values & competencies needed to be a great leader

• Identifying and bridging prevalent gaps

Session on: Friday, 5th June, 7 PM IST

*You need to complete ‘Managing Conflicts – Level 1’ in order to be eligible to attend ‘Managing Conflicts – Level 2’


Category 2: Handling Emotions and Becoming Productive (5 topics)

(Each topic: 75 minute duration, 499 per session)

How to deal with Procrastination?

You will learn:

• A deeper analysis of procrastination

•  Your reasons for procrastination…

• Types of procrastinators

• Strategies to overcome procrastination

Session on: Saturday, 2nd May, 11.30 AM IST

Dealing with anxiety – all the uncertainty, fears and insecurities…

You will learn:

• The challenges of living in a world of uncertainty

•  The What-if questions

• The Anxiety equation

• The mind and crisis management

• Tools and techniques to deal with anxiety

Session on: Saturday, 9th May, 11.30 AM IST

How to deal with frustration? Lockdown and beyond

You will learn:

• A deeper analysis of frustration

• Causes of frustration in different areas of life

• Common errors made in handling frustration

• Tools and techniques to deal with frustration

Session on: Saturday, 16th May, 11.30 AM IST

Dealing with depression… The Dark Feeling

You will learn:

• Deeper analysis (including symptoms)

• Common errors

• Reasons and root causes

• Tools and strategies to deal with depression

Session on: Saturday, 23rd May, 11.30 AM IST

Anger Management

You will learn:

• Deeper analysis of anger (including symptoms)

• Misconceptions about anger management

• Reasons for anger

• Learning tools and strategies to overcome anger

Session on: Saturday, 30th May, 11.30 AM IST


Category 3: Self Analysis and Personal Growth (4 topics)

(Each topic: 60 minute duration, 399 per session)

How to make plans that work!

You will learn:

  • Why plans usually do not work
  • Reasons that are applicable in your case
  • Secret behind executable and effective plans

Session on: Sunday, 3rd May, 11.30 AM IST

5 sure-shot ways to get over self-doubt

You will learn:

  • The Self-doubt- self-confidence cycle
  • Dissecting the problem
  • The 5 sure-shot ways to get over self-doubt 😊

Session on: Sunday, 10th May, 11.30 AM IST

How to tell if you are living a fulfilling life?

You will learn:

  • Defining and redefining the meaning of fulfillment
  • Analysis of ‘balance’ in various areas of life

Session on: Sunday, 17th May, 11.30 AM IST

5 ways to take charge of your life

You will learn:

  • The meaning of “taking charge”
  • Detailed techniques of taking charge of your life, and the consequences thereof

Session on: Sunday, 24th May, 11.30 AM IST

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