Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs can be a boon, offering the convenience of learning from the comfort of your homes, and interacting like you were present in person, thanks to technology! Presenting our three categories of Virtual Programs. Each category has a set of topics, each of which is a session by itself. Do sign up for the ones you would like. Click here to know the dates of each of the programs.

Category 1: Leadership and Skill-Development (7 topics)

(Each topic: 90 minute duration, 699 per session)

  1. How to have Meaningful and Impactful conversations?
  2. Managing conflicts – Level 1
  3. Managing conflicts – Level 2
  4. How to be an excellent listener?
  5. Developing a solution-focused attitude
  6. How to give feedback so your team gets the point!
  7. Joining the dots to be a great leader

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Category 2: Handling Emotions and Becoming Productive (5 topics)

(Each topic: 75 minute duration, 499 per session)

  1. How to deal with Procrastination?
  2. Dealing with anxiety – all the uncertainty, fears and insecurities…
  3. How to deal with frustration? Lockdown and beyond
  4. Dealing with depression… Helplessness and Hopelessness
  5. Anger Management

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Category 3: Self Analysis and Personal Growth (4 topics)

(Each topic: 60 minute duration, 399 per session)

  1. How to make plans that work!
  2. 5 sure-shot ways to get over self-doubt
  3. How to tell if you are living a fulfilling life?
  4. 5 ways to take charge of your life

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Know the schedule, check your calendar and reserve your dates. Click here for the schedule. 


Where will these sessions be conducted?

All sessions to be conducted over WebEx.

Registration on first come first serve basis. Your seat will be confirmed post receipt of fees. You will be sent a meeting ID and password to join the virtual class.

Certificate of Completion

Participants will be awarded a digital certificate of completion upon successful completion of each program, and a consolidated certificate listing out the various topics attended, in case of enrollment for an entire category. The certificate will be sent on email.

Payment process

Payment can be made via Google Pay or PayTM to the number 9987706648

Or via Bank Transfer to the following account:

Name: Sushma Iyer Rasal

HDFC Bank Account number: 01591050004659 IFSC code: HDFC0000159

MICR Code:       400240031                       Branch: Lokhandwala, Andheri West

Special discounts available if you opt for all topics under any category:


Fee per session Discounted fee (in INR)
Category 1: Leadership and Skill-Development

(each session for 90 minutes)


4893   4403

(for 7 sessions, i.e. 10.5 hours of learning!)

Category 2: Handling Emotions and Becoming Productive

(each session for 75 minutes)



2495   2245

(for 5 sessions, i.e. 6.25 hours of learning!)

Category 3: Self Analysis and Personal Growth

(each session for 60 minutes)



1596   1436

(for 4 sessions, i.e. 4 hours of learning!)

You can read more on the topics covered within each of the programs. Click here to read about the content highlights.

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If you have made up your mind, click here to fill up the registration form, select the programs you would like to attend, make the payment and confirm your seat!