Welcome to the last day of the “Goodbye 2022, Welcome 2023” WhatsApp Challenge

Today is a special day! It marks the end of our WhatsApp Challenge. And what journey it has been. Here is today’s activity, an audio meditation:

We meet today evening at 8 pm IST on Zoom. The link will be shared later in the group. Do complete this and other activities that you may have missed, so you can make the most of our last interaction for this challenge, over Zoom video call!

Here are links to the days that you might have missed:

Introduction: https://refindyou.com/yes

Day 1: https://refindyou.com/d1hlts

Day 2: https://refindyou.com/ty-med

Day 3: https://refindyou.com/goodbye

Day 4:

What are the top 10 lessons that you have learnt in 2022?

These could be because of negative incidents in your life, people who you trusted but who didn’t live up to your trust, or certain insights you had about yourself and your patterns. Reflect and write in your journal

Day 5: https://refindyou.com/day5tq/

Day 6: https://refindyou.com/celebration

Day 7:

Today, we would like you to look around (newspapers, Google, old picture albums etc) and find one picture that symbolizes your intention for 2023.

Example, it could be a pic symbolization a fitter you, or a pic symbolizing more money, or more travel, or just more happiness. If you have created your vision board for 2023, that could be the picture.
Spend some time looking for and then at this picture.

Day 8:

Today, let’s write down five strengths of yours that you would like to utilize optimally, and 5 weaknesses that you would like to recognize and accept in yourself, in this new year

Day 9:

Today, let’s look at all areas of our life, and declare what we want in each of it in 2023.

The areas of life are:



Health (physical and mental)

Friendships and Social Relationships


Personal Growth


Environment (place where you live, visit most often etc)

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