“Unconditional Self-Acceptance” WhatsApp Challenge

Hope you are excited about spending the weekend reflecting and working on accenting yourself unconditionally!

For the benefit of those of you who missed the activities real-time, here they are:

Here is the first video..

On watching the video, here are the Reflection questions for you: 1) How many words have you used for yourself that are positive, how many negative, how many neutral?

2) How does this awareness make you feel?

Activity 2:
It’s time for the next activity.. This is a question, to help you have better clarity.. What do you understand by Unconditional Self Acceptance? Is the same or different from Self-Esteem? Think of relevant examples too.

Here’s the answer to activity 2:

the difference between unconditional self-acceptance and self esteem.. The term Unconditional Self accentuate says it all.. no terms and conditions apply.. I choose to accept myself as I am Self esteem on the other hand could be associated with achievements, people’s perceptions of us, etc. So unconditional self acceptance automatically gives rise to high self esteem, but the converse is not true

Reflection question – With this new understanding of unconditional self-acceptance, what are some of the traits, characteristics or quirks in you that you are willing to accept?

A video clearing a misconception regarding unconditional self acceptance

Activity 3:

In your journal, write down: *I accept myself because …. * Complete this sentence 10 times!
See what comes up for you

Notice how you feel

Activity 4:

Day 2:

Activity 2:

The next activity is a question… How can we tell whether we are settling for less because of self-acceptance or whether we are pushing ourselves to achieve more? What are your thoughts?

Activity 3:

Activity 4:

complete the below sentence 10 times at least..

I accept myself and I deserve….

notice how you feel. Make a note of any resistance that comes up!

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