What’s Your Self-Love Quotient?

Take the assessment below to find out! Preferably have a pen and paper handy, so you can do the scoring correctly.

Answer the below statements honestly, with- Mostly, Sometimes, Rarely

1. I can immediately identify my triggers

2. I find it difficult to handle negative emotions

3. I often take time to give myself a pat on my back

4. I don’t think I should bother anyone with my troubles

5. It is easy for me to list out my strengths and positive qualities

6. I need to be strong enough at all times

7. Beyond a point, I don’t get bothered by what others think of me

8. What others think of me is more important than what I think of myself

9. I think being vulnerable is a sign of strength

10. I hate it when people don’t understand me

11. I enjoy my own company, and understand myself better than anyone else

12. I have a tough time being alone

13. I accept myself for who I am, even when the going gets tough

14. It makes me angry and frustrated when I am not able to stay happy always

15. I don’t know how to navigate through all my negative thoughts, but I’m willing to learn and be patient with myself

Here is how you score the test:

For all the odd numbers (1,3,5….15), give yourself 2 points for every M, 1 point for every S, and 0 for every R

For all the even numbers (2,4,6…14), give yourself 0 for every M, 1 point for every S and 2 points for every R

Here’s what your score means:

21-30 – You really love yourself! You are doing everything you can to be there for yourself, acknowledging your strength and also your vulnerability.

12-20 – Your Self-Love Quotient is in the average range, which means that you are a work in progress. You may choose yourself situationally, and with some more persistence and kindness towards yourself, you will get there. It is a journey, and do enjoy every moment of it!

Below 11 – You seem to put others’ needs before yours. The good news is, if you know to be there for others, you can be there for yourself too. You just need to shift the focus inwards. If you want to experience the joys of the self-love journey, you can do it, and will do it!

Note: The above assessment is not a standard and valid test. It is a fun assessment made for you to have an idea about where you stand with respect to loving yourself.

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