One-on-One Sessions

Refind You helped me improve my self confidence. It got me back on my feet and kept me motivated. It made me realize my worth. I owe u big time. I am back to being the old happy me. – D D

Been brought up in a broken home and then back from a very sudden marriage separation. I had been working with a life coach and had managed to have a complete change of personality. However, I knew that I needed to go for counselling due to the extreme circumstances in my life. There was one point that I faced some problems and got depressed for a week thats when taking counselling became extremely important.I was referred to Sushma by a common friend and the first session was extremely scary due to the taboo that is set on the entire funda of counselling and psychologist. However, the first meeting set me at ease as if I had met my best friend and someone who just heard me out while I poured my thoughts all out. Over the sessions, Sushma helped me take control over situations that would affect me for weeks together. Also, she pointed out the issues that I had never noticed about myself and how I used to belittle myself. No amount of words can describe the gratitude that I feel today for the kind of change Sushma has embedded in me. After 38 yrs of being suicidal, I no longer feel suicidal even during the worst of circumstances. I know there is no situation that I am unable to not get myself out of. – Sheetal Makhija

The sessions broke all the stereotypes of counselling. I was always kept at ease from Day 1. The journey was beautiful, and I could definitely see the difference each session made. – P S

Sushma is a wonderful person very understanding and I definitely am proud and happy to know her – S V

Sushma is an amazing listener and calms you down instantly. Her two bits about life has been taking me quite far in both my personal and professional life. She has been available at all times when my personal life was going through a wreckage. – S A

I found ReFind You at one of the lowest points of my life. It has been a roller coaster ride since then…in the best possible way of course. I have found answers to questions that have haunted me for years. And I have found a way to love myself without sacrificing who I want to become eventually. ^_^ ReFind You helped me really find myself. For that, I will always be thankful. – A B

Sushma has always tried making me realize my own thoughts and behaviour that disturbed me and the situation around. This made me realize how I need to improve on. I was able to identify my goal so that I can focus on the same and avoid other negative feelings that could be an obstacle in achieving the goals. – D M

I’d recommend Sushma to anyone who needed someone to talk or help get through everyday issues. She provides a level of security, humour, trust and security which makes each session relaxed and productive. That is very difficult to find in someone you share your issues and story with. She truly cares! – N B

“I guess sometimes we just need to see the world and our lives from a different perspective. Sometimes, we just need someone to guide us through the storms in our lives. Meeting Sushma changed the way I saw my life, my past and my present. I guess everyone needs a little “Stop, Think and Change.” I have had a great time talking to Sushma. She laughs and my jokes, makes me feel at home and is always there when I need her. Thank You so much.” – SS

“Recently a dear friend who knew I was being counselled by Sushma, asked me if he should see her too. There were many reasons why he had to see a counsellor, but, there was only one I couldn’t help but emphasise the most on. “Of course you should. It is Sushma!,” I said.

Yes, that is the kind of significance she has had in my case. Recommending her to my dear ones and recommending her here comes from my solid trust in her. The first time I visited her was to find a solution to my anger and stress issues ( terrified, knowing it very well that there may be more to it, than just bad circumstances or “wrong” people around me, something more deep and terrible). I did not want to hurt my family with the attitude I had. I had read a hundred self-motivational articles before, tried Art of Living twice, tried to meditate on my own, spoke to friends and well-meaning people around me, everything worked but temporarily. Well, how can you work on a problem, when you don’t have a strategy to overcome it when everything looks hazy?!

With Sushma, as my sessions progressed steadily, we went deeper to the root of the problems and I always came back stronger, courageous, calm and happier. Ready to take on a new challenge, to turn my huge problems into small pebbles that I could just kick out of my way. I could go on and write an article on 1000+ reasons why Sushma Iyer Rasal should be your counsellor. However, a few enlisted here should tell you enough:

1. If you are visiting her because there are some deep seated psychological issues that have to be sorted or simply for self-actualisation, regardless, rest assured that you are NOT going to be judged.

2. It felt great to see that she could see a million little pieces inside me and unravel them to complete the puzzle that I was to myself and the puzzle that my life was. It feels great to know that there is someone who can work with me together on the blind spots I never realised I had.

3. I felt confident with each session as she appreciated the effort I put in to fight the misery that once seemed never-ending. She is an amazing confidence booster.

4. She showed me what I am. She showed me what I can be. Making me understand why I am what I am, why others are the way they are. Her solutions are completely believable which makes them completely doable. Simple exercises that had a great impact on my life, because she knew and she showed me what fears me the most. Fears I refused to face.

5. She is great friend. That’s the only rapport you can possibly have with her. She listens. She doesn’t sit there to hear you out, and ramble off a few theories and prescribe you something that she thinks is right. She shares her own experiences. She explains the meaning behind every emotion you are going through and helps you look into the mirror. She makes you realise we are all flawed humans, and nobody is born perfect.

She is admirable, patient and mindful of your personality and so you can expect only the best things coming your way with her support. Expect permanent and beautiful and amazing changes in your world. As Gandhi once famously said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. Sushma helped me see it.

Thank you Sushma, for all this and more”. –  Sanjivini

“Sushma is a thorough Professional! My Marriage was in complete disharmony. Her counselling and continuous interaction with both of us helped us rebuild our relationship. Today our Life is better than it has ever been! Kudos to her efforts and patience in dealing with both of us…” – MH

 “In every walk of life the incumbent attempts to stamp her or his impression. Seeking help from a human interface, quite unlike the case of a device or instrument, would mean first conforming to the systems that the human interface seeks to put in place. Thus, an attempt to take a few steps forward would often result in first entering the mouth of a snake, one that drags you down from level 87 to level 31 as in a game of snakes and ladders.

In my first interaction with Sushma Iyer Rasal I found that she gave me due recognition for various efforts that were my own in solving my area of concern. Further, she identified the specific areas where I genuinely needed support and assistance and provided such support and assistance.

Eventually, I found myself getting relief, and relief on my own terms. Most importantly, I found my dignity being elevated after the process was completed, I ended up becoming prouder of the fact that I am who I am.” – Ragavendra Kannan

 “I met Sushma for the first time when I had issues with my husband… I was apprehensive as I didn’t know how to talk about a topic that was so personal with a stranger. But on meeting her, I just opened up… She didn’t seem like a stranger.

Its been some time now that I’ve know her and all I can say about her is that she made us (both me and my husband) realise things without being judgemental or preachy. She tackled our issue extremely professionally yet made us feel as friends..

I can now say that going to her has changed our marriage for the better and I have also made a great friend..” – Mrs. Fernandes

“I have been fortunate to get in touch with Sushma through a friend. I was going through a very rough phase at work during that time. Through my regular interactions with her, I was able to deal with the situation in a much effective way. Rather than giving me mere advice, she understood my situation and made me come up with ways of dealing with it. She also made me identify my strengths and weaknesses, and improvise on them. I can say counselling comes naturally to her, and I wish her all the best in all her future endeavours.” – K N

“Sushma’s Counselling Certification with an excellent score is just a validation of the fact many of us were already aware of. The knack of understanding, empathetically listening and going beyond the obvious were some virtues which Sushma possessed inherently since always. While discussing, seeking direction and guidance on personal or professional issues and subjects, Sushma always brought in a perspective that most would normally overlook. Her keen observation and understanding of the mind has undoubtedly helped and comforted me in many ways and in innumerable occasions. I am certain that she would excel in the field of counselling and highly recommend her expertise.”– Punam

 “I was so confused as to whether to study further or take up a job and go for higher studies after getting some work experience! I was in a complete dilemma, and did not know what to do, as everyone around me had a different opinion. I spoke to Sushma, and she made me think aloud, and jot down the pros and cons of each. We then had a discussion, after which I was certain that I want to work first. I am really happy that she helped me to make my own decision, without telling me to go for option A or B.” – BMM Student

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