Workshop Testimonials

2 day workshop – Love Yourself, Heal Your Life

“Transformation at its finest and gets to the root of all your problems. I had already read the book by Louise Hay, so this workshop was an incredible reinforcement by way of practical examples, affirmations and simple meditation techniques. A truly cathartic experience that powers-up your journey towards healing, accepting love and growth.”- Shri Ayyangar

“Sushma is an excellent facilitator. The workshop is a “must-attend” one. I am very happy that I decided to attend this workshop.” – Kamni Ajwani

It was an enriching experience attending the workshop. Sushma is a great facilitator – Makarand

“The workshop is a wonderful way to identify emotions which have manifested in various ways. It is a great way to identify and then start working on them through simple techniques. It is an exciting start to a journey of unlocking my potential and to achieve my dreams.

It is something everyone should experience to start the journey of self-love. It can make life truly beautiful.” – Kartik Shankar Iyer

“I have known about ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ for almost 9 years now – but Sushma actually helps you understand what has been holding you back and helps you have a breakthrough. Highly recommended! 😊” – Aniesha Brahma

“I am so grateful to have made the right decision to come for this workshop. I feel so amazing, and finally found peace. Thank you” – Xenia

“I was super skeptical of what difference 2 days can make – and what would be said that hasn’t been heard before. But the channels that opened up, the vulnerability that surfaced and the safe space provided to allow that is truly marvelous!

Thank you Sushma. You’ve helped change so much – all for the better. The lessons learnt here will stay with me, and travel across the globe in my backpack. And so it is!” – Stuti

“Sushma is just awesome. She knows what she is doing, and asks the right questions, that helps us go deep within us, and at the same time gives the apt answers for every question we ask.” – Yugendra Shreepati Bhonsle

“Everyone has to do HYL to understand life. Life becomes easy after attending HYL workshop. Getting to know things which you already have within you is a wonderful process.” – Amita Kailas Dewal

“Sushmaji is a great trainer. Her oratorship is impactful.” – Aditya Palav

“It was a brilliant journey during this workshop. I am someone who does not easily open up, is shy and introvert. In this workshop, I have not only opened up, even felt safe and comfortable to share. Sushma made sure everyone is comfortable. I am really happy for myself that I participated in this workshop and learnt magnificent things about myself. I can feel the shift in me and feel more aware about myself. I am more willing to love, accept and approve of myself.” – Himanshu

“I was skeptical about attending the workshop but I joined because I trust Sushma. I was stuck in a loop in my therapy, and was struggling to connect with my inner child. The workshop provided breakthroughs with both and I learned so much more about myself.” – Dilip Unnikrishnan

“Thank you for putting this together. Was looking for something that would help me be my authentic self. Didn’t know it would be the ‘Heal Your Life’ workshop.” – Sanjivini 

“It was a great experience – life transforming and intense too! Sushma has been extremely kind and addressed all our concerns through the two-day workshop. Loved it!! Glad I could make it, finally!!!” – Parizad Mogreliaa

“I initially had my inhibitions regarding how this will work but it was amazing and I made a lot of self-discoveries and realizations. I can feel the weight from my shoulder lifting and I feel empowered!” – Smita Tarawade

“I am really glad I could be a part of this workshop. Sushma made us feel very comfortable and accepting. We could open up without hesitation. It really helped me to connect with myself at a deeper level.” – Qvitta 

As it was my second time, I could see tremendous improvement in confidence from the last time. It’s wonderful to see all the progress I have made and how much the workshop has helped me in healing, and my journey towards self-love – Smita Tarawade

“I couldn’t thank Sushma enough for coming up with this beautiful workshop on ‘HYL’. It was indeed transformational and I genuinely ‘Re-found’ myself and look forward to more such programs on self-love and self-discovery.” – Aditya Kothari 

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Training on ‘Understanding Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (RECBT)’ conducted in Mumbai on 8-9 July 2017

Here are the testimonials of participants:

“It was a learning experience, especially understanding self-emotions” – Rupali Saxena (AGM – Training, Sodexo) 

“It indeed was a pleasure attending the workshop with ReFind You. An interactive workshop, innovative activities that were never thought of being included in such workshops. Would like to thank Sushma and Trupti for such a wonderful session and making the concepts so easy to learn.” – Sunita Sawant (L&D Manager, Pepperfry)

Great insight on handling and identifying emotions – Nilesh G. Tiwari (Marketing Head – eCommerce, Rising North Star)

“Sushma, I’m glad I attended this workshop for my return to learning about something of interest to me after about 25 years!! Thank you Sushma and Trupti” – Ranjana Hosangadi

“It was a good experience, understanding emotional aspect of every situation is something new for me. Indeed it was a weekend well spent.” – Prathamesh Patki (SEO Manager, iProspect)

“The approach is a structured method to tackle situations in everyday life. While we may be doing these same things instinctively, the suggested methods are a more efficient way to achieve our goals. All the best!” – Shankar Iyer 

“Excellent way of presentation, well executed on time. Well managed, loads of learning. Thank you Sushma ma’am and Trupti ma’am” – Aarti Naringrekar (BFSI Facilitator, Tata Strive)

“RECBT was a very new concept to me and I had come with a very open mind to understand the same. The facilitators had good knowledge about the subject and tried to help us understand a practical application of the same. This training helped me understand the emotions better, and how our thoughts influence the same. “Our mind is absolutely in our control”. This will need a lot of practice, but completely worth it. This was in complete sense ‘REFIND’ US.”  – Sharon Reddy  (L&D Professional, Sodexo)

“I had a faint idea about RECBT. This experience made me understand the concept and how it can be used for self, in work situation and in our families. Thank you Sushma and Trupti for conducting the workshop. The more I practise, the more it will help in using RECBT” – Anjali Gokarn (Consultant)

Harmonize… Your Fitness Story was conducted at Stepathlon Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. Here are the testimonials of the participants:

“I assumed I had my goals under control. This workshop has made me realise the importance of re-evaluating and setting real targets and being kind to myself.” – Anjana Sharma, VP, Marketing

“Awesome Insights!! Keep up the good work. Everybody needs to go through this program.” – Hrushikesh Vartak, GM – Operations

“Incredible insights! I thought I knew a lot. But just realised how much more I can do and subsequently achieve.” – Tushar Garg, VP

“The workshop was very engaging and helped me gain a lot of insight into how I can ‘psyche’ myself into being a better one.” – Debkanya, Sr. Manager

“Being forced to define into goals and motivation is a good reminder whether you have started goal setting or not. This was a very positive experience.” – Sumitra Daswani, Strategy Consultant

“It was a feel good and interactive session.” – Ruchita Shah, Asst. Manager – Marketing

“A great exercise to do” – Sameer Gupta