10 things that have made 2017 really memorable!

  1. My Running stint!

Running is not that difficult, after all… from moving from ‘I only walk’, to I run sometimes, to ‘I run 80% of the time’, I have come a long way… And each run, whether at an event or regular training, is an experience that comes with a lesson. I’ll hopefully write about each lesson separately. There were some runs that etched a mark in my mind. Two of the runs in particular taught me lessons that have a direct correlation with life.

Aarey run – my first hill run- taught me: whenever there is an uphill, there will always be a downhill, so whenever you realize that you are having to push yourself really hard, know that the downhill slopes are just around the corner.

Gorai run – my second hill run – taught me: whenever there is an uphill, there isn’t necessarily a downhill. Therefore, have your strategies in place to deal with the unevenness, rather than cribbing that there should have been a balance.

  1. My first Half Marathon

I did my first half marathon this year, at the Indian Navy Half Marathon held at BKC in November. It was an experience that was special, had me feel a number of emotions all through the race, and a feeling of accomplishment and immense joy at the end of it! What an amazing memory!

  1. Singing!

I found The Sunday Jammers – a group that reconnected me to one of my first loves – Music! While I had already come back to the world of singing after hibernating for several years, this group made me look forward to the singing sessions. And practise and attempt songs that I hadn’t sung in the past! And last but not the least, introduced me to a new set of friends that I will treasure for life!

  1. My Youtube Channel dedicated to my vocals

I wished to start my YouTube channel where I upload songs sung by me, at least once a week. And here we are… The channel is up and running, before the end of 2017! The name of my channel is Sushma I R, in case you would like to check it out! 🙂

  1. Fitness

Fitness is an ongoing journey, and there is nothing absolutely earth shattering that I discovered in 2017. But yes, what I did discover is that I have grown fitter mentally and physically with each exercise routine, practise run or run event that I did. Physically, because that is the intent of exercise at the end of the day.. And mentally, because every event came with a set of challenges that I slowly but successfully combated, making me stronger mentally too!

  1. Zumba

It took me a while to decide, whether I wanted the ZIN certification to stay or go.. And I had to admit my love for this fitness form.. The fun and madness is something that is unique to Zumba, which is why I made up my mind.. Zumba will stay. I will continue to be ZIN!

  1. Lokhandwala Running Club

Running also introduced me to a set of wonderful people that come together under the name LRC (Lokhandwala Running Club). They are some of the most amazing, sweet, humble and fun-loving people I have met. I wish I knew them before I got married and moved out of Lokhandwala… Nonetheless, it’s never too late… I look forward to meeting them at their base and at the various events.


  1. Plank is not as difficult as I thought it is… Practice is all it takes, to make it happen. I managed to go past 2 minutes of plank!


  1. Corporate Counselling

Work-wise, we managed to get a counselling assignment that involves travelling to manufacturing units to offer counselling services to employees. Travelling to far-off places for work is tiring, but extremely satisfying, when you get to see the progress that others are making in their lives


  1. Relationships!

Like food, even relationships have a shelf-life. What is important is how special it was while it lasted, and the memories you made, while it lasted. 😊

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