Being wise and maintaining your wellbeing during trying times

The entire world is going through a tough phase, with the corona virus spreading rapidly. While it is important to be aware that the corona virus is a grave issue, it is equally essential that you focus on taking necessary precautions without panicking. There are a number of posts and articles already doing the rounds on social media, talking about how you can make the most of the sudden time that has freed up for us. Here are a few pointers that I would like to highlight, for your benefit.

Distribute time wisely

Instead of overindulging in any kind of entertainment or recreation, be wise in distributing your time, by investing time in your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Restrict your screen time, so that you are not consuming too much of internet broadband. Remember, work from home is anyway going to have way too many people using the internet, thus impacting the speed etc. Also, if you do not restrict your screen time, you won’t realize how each day will go past with you just binge-watching shows on Netflix and going through memes on social media. Be mindful rather than regretting later for not utilizing your time optimally.

Do not end up overworking

It can be difficult to disconnect from work, especially if you are a workaholic, because you may start working right from the time you wake up until the day ends. Since you do not need to physically step out of office and travel to get back home, it is highly possible for you to get so engrossed in work that you lose track of time. This can be detrimental if it becomes an everyday affair, because you will be left with no time for any social interactions, physical activity or self-development.

Consciously make time for wellness

Physical fitness

In order to invest in physical wellness, you can cook healthy meals and consume them on time, which you may not have the luxury of doing while at work. There are loads of exercises that you can do at home. You can either refer to YouTube for ideas or get creative by yourself. If you have children at home, you can involve them in the workouts too. You may decide to venture out for walks or runs at your own discretion, because the government and medical authorities are recommending that you preferably stay indoors. If you do decide to venture out, make sure you take necessary precautions and adhere to the guidelines framed by the authorities.

Emotional Wellness

Your emotional wellness can be hampered during such times. Being at home all the time could lead to frustration. Looking at the news could make you feel anxious. Reading about negligent citizens can make you feel angry. And all these emotions can badly affect your mental health. Spend time relaxing your mind. Read books or watch videos that help you deal with the emotional disturbances. Seek counselling from professionals that are available for consultation virtually. You can even use this time to take an online course, work with a coach for developing skills, give time to your hobby (that can be pursued indoors) … all of these will contribute to your wellbeing.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness can be enhanced further during such times too. Spend time reflecting about yourself. Jot down how your journey has been so far, express gratitude to those who have contributed knowingly or unknowingly to your journey. Set goals that you would like to achieve for yourself, and relook at your life vision. Spend alone time meditating or journaling your thoughts. You will feel an immense sense of fulfilment.

Work to maintain the balance between being a responsible citizen and making the most of the time that has been created because of the corona virus. Stay healthy and remember, this too shall pass.

2 thoughts on “Being wise and maintaining your wellbeing during trying times

  1. Alka Srivastava says:

    Awesome suggestions will surely follow it. Very helpful to get out of the panic situations. Thankful to you..gratitude


    Alka Srivastava

  2. Alka Srivastava says:

    Awesome suggestions will surely follow it. Very helpful to get out of the panic situations. Thankful to you to control your mind in this situation.

    Alka Srivastava

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