How to make the most of 2022

As we set foot into 2022, here are 5 simple and highly effective ways to make the most of the new year!

1) Do not shy away from setting goals for yourself!

Many people fret over making resolutions or setting goals, either because they have failed in the past, or the pressure of achieving them is too overwhelming, or the journey is intimidating. However, unless you set a goal, how are you going to plan your next steps? By monitoring your journey and progress, you can always alter your goals, learn from your setbacks and bounce back stronger. You have nothing to lose!

2) Set SMART life goals!

When goals are vague and undefined, they lack clarity, and therefore get pushed in the background, because we do not know where to begin and how to proceed. Therefore, set goals that are SMART – Specific, Measurable. Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Instead of saying, I want to make more money in 2022, which is vague, a SMART goal would be:

By December 31st, 2022, I would like to make twice the amount of income I made in 2019, through direct earnings and investments.

The above goal is specific, can be measured, may be achievable, is realistic and time-bound. The best part is you can track progress and make changes in either your approach or your goal, depending on the conditions prevailing due to the pandemic.

3) Convert your goals into affirmations

Reword your goals in present continuous tense, and charge them with powerful positive words, so you believe in them! Use tools such as visualization, vision boards or journaling to see them come true. If you have already used affirmations, you would already be aware of how effective they are.

The above goal can be rewritten as an affirmation in this manner:

I am excitedly moving towards 31st December 2022, making twice the amount of income I made in 2019, through direct earnings and investments, and celebrating victories along the way!

4) Appreciate small victories

If you tend to tell yourself, ‘Oh, this is nothing… I need to achieve ABC for me to appreciate myself’, you are perhaps being the strict parent or teacher that you always were afraid of, or did way too many things to please, or felt too overwhelmed by. If you are not going to celebrate little milestones, the journey is going to be exhausting. And chances of you giving up on your goals, especially wellness goals, are very high!

5) Learn to adopt holistic thinking

One of the reasons why we feel stressed is because we set goals in all areas of life, and want to achieve them all at the same time, without thinking about how a goal in one area of life might interfere with the goal in another area of life.

For example, if your goals are a combination of these: to get promoted, start a small business, double your income, exercise every day, have a good social life, play your instrument every day, work on that painting, spend time with your loved one, enhance your knowledge by taking courses, read regularly, not miss out on the latest releases on streaming platforms… you will need to plan in a way that achieving one goal doesn’t come in the way of the other. Holistic thinking will help you create a realistic plan that you can stick to!

Hope these points have added to your already existing knowledge, and you are excited about making the most of the new year!

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