Back to Work?!

I had an interesting month of October – loads of travel for leisure, and not work for a change. The one-on-one sessions count wasn’t as high either, and I was relieved because I didn’t have to turn down session requests.

Here came the conflict: “How can I take a break for such extended periods? I can’t afford to be off work! But everyone deserves a break once in a while. Yes, but the break can’t be for almost one month. I had anticipated this conflict, and I had excitedly planned a workshop on ‘Embracing Prosperity’ on Dhanteras day. I felt proud of creating a workaround, and establishing a work-life balance of sorts.

But here’s what happened – I did not have the bandwidth to plan to promotion, inform those who were interested and had asked me to let them know. As a result, I did not have any enrolments. I felt partly relieved, and partly guilty. What poor planning this is – said the critical voice, and it was definitely not a nice feeling!

I got my act together, and told myself – I have two options:

Option 1) succumb to the critical voice, which is formed by years of conditioning that tells you that you are good enough only if you are productive, doing x amount of work, earning y amount of money and so on, so that you “earn” your vacation and time off

Option 2) decide to live in the moment – believe that you deserve breaks and fun time without needing to “earn” them by proving to yourself that you are worthy. (Trust me, this has got nothing to with actual affordability wrt money or spending capacity) And then get back to work and enjoy work too, whenever you are truly back!

And, I chose Option 2! 😊

Earlier, I did not even recognize this conflict, and mindlessly pursued the self-set standard, telling myself that “I should” be working all the time because I love my work, and by not working, after switching professions, and doing the work I actually love, is being unfair (to I do not know whom, in hindsight). My life changed when I went through the ‘Heal Your Life’ experience – a training that helped me truly dig deep, be aware of my limiting beliefs, question the shoulds that were perfectly masked as self-set standards, and learn to be kind with myself. Of course I slip, and every time that I do, like the example I mentioned above, this kindness helps me come back without pressure. Earlier, I wouldn’t have even considered writing about this experience!

While I love all the work I do, this one has helped me in more ways than I could imagine, and I therefore feel humbled and excited to facilitate the journey of others taking this course too!

On that note, I am so happy to announce three upcoming workshops of ‘Heal Your Life”:

“Heal Your Life” Virtual Workshop (fundamental level) – 12-13 November, 11 am to 2 pm IST on Zoom

Read more and register here:

“Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” Two day in-person workshop – 26-27 November 2022, 9 am to 6 pm IST, in Mumbai

Read more and register here:

“Heal Your Life, ReFind You” Four- day Residential Retreat – 11-14 February 2023, in Pondicherry, India

Registration details coming soon! 😊 Do write to us if you are interested in attending this, so we will notify you first!

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