This New Year, gift yourself Coaching


Hi there,

As we are two weeks into the new year, I’m sure you have overcome your hangover of the new year parties and started settling into your routine. I hope you have also taken time out to contemplate on your goals for 2016, some new, some unfinished and some to be refurbished since you last set out to achieve them.

There’s one gift you can give yourself this new year, and that is coaching. This is because coaching is THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to work closely with someone who’s goal is to see you accomplish your goals.

The coaching process:

Coaching, described in a nutshell, is a 5-step process, which involves:

  • Setting goals,
  • Identifying obstacles that come in the way of achieving these goals,
  • Creating a plan to overcome these obstacles,
  • Executing the plan and achieving the goals,
  • Celebrating success!

The different areas of life where coaching can help you are:

  • Job (e.g. team management, getting recognition)
  • Career (e.g. making a career transition, identifying the right stream)
  • Business (e.g. Starting a business, growing a start-up to the next level)
  • Relationships (e.g. happier marriage, finding the right match)
  • Wellness (e.g. losing weight, managing stress)
  • Self-development (e.g. emotional intelligence, time management)
  • Spirituality (e.g. finding peace and happiness, understanding the greater purpose of life)

The role of the coach:

The coach plays the role of your ally and accountability partner, who celebrates your success, supports you during challenging times and motivates you to push yourself.

A lot of times, the argument that people give is that they do not need a coach, and that they can achieve their goals by themselves. This is definitely possible. However, the reason why working with a coach is a more effective option is because the hustle-bustle of daily life leaves us with either no time, or no energy, or no inclination to work on our dreams, aspirations and goals. The end result? Another year goes past without giving due consideration, thought and action to something that is so important to us.

It’s time to get started!

It’s time to break the monotony this time. Sign up for coaching. This is a gift you deserve. It is one of the rare gifts that is also an investment! 🙂 There are a number of expert coaches out there, waiting to support you in achieving your goals. All you need to do is tell yourself that it is time for you to begin the change process. A beautiful life awaits you.

If you wish to sign up for a free 45 minute coaching session with me, just drop in a comment or email me directly at  By the end of the free session, you will definitely have clarity on your goals and the way ahead! And that is better that not starting at all, right?!

So, here’s wishing you an amazing 2016. May you get started and accomplish all that you wish to achieve and much more!

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