9 Ways to Master the Skill of Overcoming Laziness

overcoming-lazinessLaziness is something that we all relate to. While many of us tend to feel lazy a lot of times, even the most disciplined and active person does have his/her moments of laziness, where they may just not feel like doing anything.

It is not such a bad idea to laze around at times. However, it can get challenging if we end up doing at the cost of our responsibilities and obligations.

Overcoming laziness is a skill everyone can learn and master. These tips will tell you how:

  1. End-result orientation: Many a times, the process of performing a particular task makes us feel bored and lazy. The more we think about the task, the lazier we feel. However, the idea of seeing the result upon successful completion of the task can be both motivating and satisfying. E.g. cleaning the house may seem boring, but the idea of a neat and tidy house makes us feel good.
  1. Work for just 10 minutes. Most of us who tend to feel lazy usually experience the ‘starting problem’. However, once we get into the groove, we usually pull it off right until the end. So, just tell yourself that you can give up after 10 minutes. Even if you decide to give it up, you have done at least some part of it.
  1. Advantages of completing the task now. List down and remind yourself of the advantages of completing the task right away. E.g. you will get done with it, and will therefore be left with more free time, you will not be bothered about this one task, and can therefore focus on other work, etc. this will make it easier to convince yourself to carry out the task right away.

  2. Disadvantages of delaying the task. This point focuses on motivating yourself to perform the task by reminding yourself of the things that are at stake, or the challenges that you may have to face by putting the work away for another time. Make a big list of everything that could go wrong if you continue to be lazy.

5. Consequences faced in the past. It is quite likely that you may have faced unpleasant consequences because you put away your work on account of boredom and laziness. Remind yourself of these instances. Remember that pain and use it as a driving force.

6. Goals to look forward to. If you feel lazy on a regular basis, maybe your goals aren’t exciting enough. Relook and set goals that keep you on your toes. This motivation will keep laziness at bay.

7. Small and achievable steps. Big tasks can be intimidating and overwhelming. By breaking the big task into smaller tasks, you will take small but definite steps to accomplish it, and therefore not feel bored to work on it.

8. Self-talk. Tell yourself how great it will be to check off the pending tasks on your to-do list. Counter the negative thoughts by repeating positive self-talk statements, such as, ‘I am going to feel so good and relieved once I complete all these tasks’, ‘It is really not such a big deal to complete these tasks if I take them up one after the other’, etc. You will automatically feel the positive energy and motivation.

  1. List of activities for rejuvenation. When you do not have a plan to get out of your laziness and boredom, then you might end up spending hours or even days not feeling motivated and inspired. On the other hand, if you have a list of activities that make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and happy, your mind is convinced that you have overcome the feeling of laziness, and are now ready to take on the task, full force. Some of these activities include taking a nap, going for a brisk walk, chatting with a friend, etc.

Overcoming the urge to be lazy is a useful life skill that can provide meaningful benefits. Let lazing around be a choice, and not an evil demon that comes in the way of your success. Apply some or all of the techniques listed above to deal effectively with that laziness, that you have been struggling to deal with all this while.

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