How healthy is your relationship with money?

Talking about money is often difficult for people, because they could associate their earning with their self-worth, and how they feel about themselves. However, it helps to know whether or not you have a healthy relationship with money.

Here are a few signs that indicate that you might not have a healthy relationship with money:

  • You end up spending excessively, and before you know it, your monthly earning is over!
  • You feel guilty when you quote a high price for your service
  • You get angry when you have to pay a high price for other people’s services
  • You feel anxious while checking your credit card statement each month
  • You feel worried about your investments, because they might not yield good results

Usually, some of the ways in which people try to resolve the above issues are:

  • You seek the guidance of a financial consultant
  • You change your financial advisor if the problem still persists
  • You swear at the beginning of every month that this month will be a month of savings and less expense, and invariably see that it is no different than other months
  • You constantly look for services that come with high discounts – or avail cheaper services and tell yourself that this is good enough. However, internally you feel sad, thinking that you do not deserve better because you cannot afford it
  • You cancel credit cards, and then reapply for ones with better deals and interest rates
  • You work with your therapist to overcome the emotions of anxiety, anger and guilt

If any of the above scenarios resonate with you, you can be rest assured that the problem is much deeper than financial planning. You may have intensely limiting money beliefs, because of which nothing seems to be working for you. Money beliefs are relatively difficult to identify and overcome because they are deeply ingrained, and requires us to question some parts of our upbringing, and what we were told about money by family and society as we grew up!

But, when we identify them and work towards overcoming them, the rewards are astounding, and the effort is absolutely worth it!

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