Workplace stories on Deservability

Here are some Workplace stories on Deservability. Read on to see if you relate with any of these!

Workshop on Deservability

Ajay is a sincere and hard-working employee in a big organisation. He is often found spending extra hours at work, either staying back late or coming in early, and work somehow never seems to get over for him. Whenever someone praises his effort or hard work, he looks at them with a plain face and says, “Oh, I’m barely managing. I need to do more. I owe it to the organisation”.

In the same organisation works another employee named Anil – another hard-working and sincere employee at a mid-management level. He has been at the middle management level for quite a few years now. While his contemporaries have either quit the organisation or have been promoted, he somehow loses out on every opportunity. He believes that he is just not as lucky.

And in the same organisation, there is Sophie, an employee in the senior management position.  she is highly competent and manages a huge team. Sophie struggles to negotiate with the management for an increment of her salary, while she is very comfortable to take on a war with them for the increment of her teammates. She believes that they deserve to be paid well and that it is up to the senior management to decide whether she deserves to be paid well too or not.

There is a common theme between these three stories- apart from the fact that they work in the same organisation, they also face an issue of deservability.

Deservability is a term that Louise Hay uses to explain the concept of ‘needing to earn’ something, whether it is love, respect, recognition or money. In your core, if you believe that you do not deserve to be happy, to be praised, to be loved, to be recognized or to be paid well, you will be surprised at how you subconsciously push away these things in your life, and then blame others, life, planets or luck for your plight.

On the other hand, if you introspect, understand what you were told as a child that had led you to believe that you will get approval/fame/money/love/ anything that you wish only if ______, and that blank is actually vague, you will realize that you are chasing something that might never be met, and that you may therefore never consider yourself worthy of these things.

What do you think?

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