What is your definition of “Celebrating YOU?”

Isn’t making mistakes, stalling and coming back on track a part of celebrating who we are as individuals? I say this because of what I recently went through…

We made the first official announcement of our first ever retreat in Nov 2022, with the website link, hotel details, travel suggestions etc etc. All positive emotions – excitement, joy, hope, everything was on a high. It was a wonderful feeling. Still is… But, what happened along the way is with other corporate work, workshops, one-on-one sessions taking precedence, talking about the retreat took a back seat. Of course, there were posts going up on social media – but the joy, excitement and all other positive emotions sort of dissipated. And then, looking at the calendar, an alarm struck in my head – “Oh My God.. There’s not much time left, it’s almost here”. And the tug-of-war between overthinking, analysing and procrastination began (three teams, I know 😊 ). “What if it’s too late? Where should I start now? How should I go about it? Afterall, I need to be the one that is planning…”The result, more delay and moving away from the initial gush of positive emotions. Soon, I caught myself playing this game.

I had a conversation with myself – (sharing it verbatim, as the tone of the self-talk eventually determines what we do. And notice the “We” v/s the “You” in the self-talk)

What was the reason behind planning and announcing this retreat? Wasn’t there a reason why we chose to call it “Celebrate You”? How did we feel when we first announced it? Given that all the content, the activities and everything is in order, the only part left is to create more visibility, so that maximum people benefit, and you enjoy conducting it too. And the best part, enrolments are there already, so that’s moving too! And as always, the perfect group comes together, and we have a great time together”.

The result of this conversation with myself is this blog. And the excitement and joy is back!

I invite you to this four-day amazing journey in the beautiful city of Pondicherry! You can expect insights, fun, laughter, introspection, a lot of inner work and celebration with a facilitator who stands for all of these(that’s me)! 😊

If you or anyone you know would like to sign up, the dates are 11 – 14 Feb at Auroville, Pondicherry

For all other details, here is the link: www.refindyou.com/retreat

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