Celebrate YOU retreat is just around the corner!

With the retreat days approaching, I’m feeling the excitement and joy in me grow!

The picture you see is of me on 5th Nov 2022- I’d taken a single day trip to Pondicherry from Mumbai to iron out some logistical details. Many of my well wishers were amazed and skeptical of my plan to go to and return from Pondi on the same day, due to possible exertion. But I knew that with a proper plan and good amount of buffer time, coupled with the excitement of seeing the retreat shape up well, it was possible!And here we are! Gearing up for an amazing journey where participants get together to for four days of deep reflection and personal growth work.

We still have space for the last two participants! Would you be keen? Do send us a message/leave a comment and we’ll help you with details! You can also read more here: http://www.refindyou.com/retreat

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