A perfect morning!

Have you ever had those days where you wake up and manage to do everything that you would like to? Like an ideal morning – meditation, reflection and journaling time, 60 minute workout, food preparation and/or anything else that kick starts your day? 

Today was such a day for me! It was like time and space got created miraculously, without any stress of having to do things! 

As a rule, unless I have a flight to catch, I don’t set an alarm, and I trust my body and mind to wake up once they are well rested and fresh. And today was a day with extra time!

It got me thinking, when we desire such “perfect” mornings, do we take a moment to celebrate them and us, when we have them? 

And, if you are someone that follows your routine to the tee, and this is therefore what each morning of yours looks like, do you take a moment to pat yourself on your back each day, and feel happy? Or do you just dismiss this off thinking it is “normal”. Come to think of it, this is you achieving your morning goals each and every day! 

Little moments like these where you recognise the achievement of goals and reward yourself with words of appreciation can go a long way in you believing in your ability. And it adds to the repository of evidence that you can do it, because you have done it, time and again. Isn’t this what #motivation is all about. 🙂 

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