Emotions make our lives colourful!

Wish you a Happy Holi!

Our lives are colourful, thanks to the variety of emotions we experience. While positive emotions are desirable, negative emotions can throw us off track. And did you know, negative emotions are of two types – helpful and unhelpful. Getting rid of negative emotions altogether is impossible in everyday situations, but learning the art of changing unhelpful emotions to helpful ones can really put you in charge of your life, and help you navigate through challenges successfully!

Join us this Saturday, 11th March, from 4 pm to 5.30 pm IST on Zoom, for our upcoming workshop “Explore, Embrace and Express Emotions”, and learn how to manage emotions at work and in personal life.

Here is the link to make the payment and register: https://rzp.io/i/GFQPg9S

You can also read more about the workshop here: http://www.refindyou.com/online-workshops

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