Counselling for Clients outside India

Individuals seeking counselling can avail the services of ReFind You from any part of the world. All you need is a computer, internet connectivity and a Skype or Google Hangout ID.

Option 1: 

Single counselling session of 60 minutes for USD 79. Go for this option if you wish to first check your comfort level with the therapist, the use of Skype/Google Hangout etc.

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Option 2: 

Two counselling sessions of 60 minutes for a total of just USD 149. You can easily choose this option, and make sure that your follow-up session is taken care of beforehand.

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Option 3: 

Three counselling sessions of 60 minutes each for a total of just USD 199.  Choose this option to ensure that you reap the benefits of not just fruitful counselling sessions but also pocket-friendly fees.

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