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Recently conducted Webinar

Fine Tune Your Vision for 2022 – Saturday, 5th February 20225 pm to 6 pm IST


  • Your Vision for 2022
  • Recognizing Possible barriers
  • Creating a Roadmap to get the desired outcome
  • Easy-to-implement daily tips & tools

To watch the recording, click here: https://youtu.be/D8mspq_BlQw

Our past webinars:

December 19th 2021 – Successful New Year Resolutions


  • What goes wrong?
  • Consistency myths
  • Affirmations and action

December 18th 2021 – Heal Your Life, Improve Your Health


  • Body-Mind Connection
  • Emotional patterns
  • How to overcome health issues

October 16th – ‘Learn How to Heal Your Life’, based on the work of Louise Hay



  • How to identify deep rooted self-destructive beliefs and thought patterns
  • How to change patterns that you have unknowingly formed over the years 
  • How to develop beautiful relationships with yourself and others 

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