Loneliness is lovely


Source: Speaking Tree


The supreme bestows loneliness on people to provide them with an opportunity to search for their true selves and get connected to the supreme source of love and joy. In loneliness, you can hear the sounds of true harmony, rhythm and perfection of the universal design. Use this loneliness to create something beautiful by developing a hobby that engrosses your whole attention. It may be reading, painting, gardening, even music.

Maybe, through your hobby, you will get a friend or co-traveller of your own frequency. Any time that is “Me-time” is a good idea, where one can connect with oneself. It can be anywhere, even in the bathroom or just before sleeping. Physically space, if available, is a boon.

Don’t let loneliness depress you. Everything is divine about our true self. And depression is not an illness or disease. It is a plateau given by nature to know the true meaning and importance of detachment. In the complete life cycle of a human being, plateaus of depression are sure to happen at least 7-10 times at an interval of 8-12 years. When a mentally evolved human finds the world meaningless or shall we say when the true face of the world becomes visible, to an emotional and sensitive individual, then this state of plateau is created. Mental hurt is not the only reason for it. A break or hindrance in the mental, spiritual and economic growth can also be a reason for this condition.

A human who does some soul-searching, meditation and contemplation surfaces through these plateaus due to his own will-power (soul power) and gets a new life, new energy and moves forward. However, whosoever indulges in it gets mentally ill-balanced, can also harm himself, which is sin, an insult to the internal powers of the human.

Only the person who goes through depression and emerges as a better human being can contribute towards humanity and is capable of bearing future plateaus.

Depression is just a plateau; a base-camp to reach the topmost, highest peak. You cannot reach the top of the peak in one breath; you will break, disintegrate on the way. Learn how to move forward with enthusiasm, after complete rest and preparation at these base camps.

So, loneliness is not be shunned, but utilized for growth, and for knowing thy true self. That is the only way! The journey never ends, and simultaneously, we can fulfill our worldly duties along with inner growth. Nothing is to be renounced, for we just need to know how to sail through it peacefully, gracefully and our entire might to slowly become wiser and more at peace and at ease with our own self.

Everything happening in life is there to propel us towards growth and transformation. A human being has all the potential to perceive and derive positivity from every condition.

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