When you work in groups, you experience wonderful shifts because of the group energy. You end up listening to answers that you may have wanted to hear for yourself, you may come across others who face similar challenges as you, share similar goals and aspirations as you. It ‘s a wonderful way of connecting with others, either for healing, or for learning new skills or personal and professional growth.

We offer in-person workshops, online workshops, retreats, and webinars

Our 2-day in-person workshop is called ‘Love Yourself, Heal Your Life’, an international workshop, based on the work of Louise Hay, which takes place in Mumbai. Click here to read more

Our Online Workshops are conducted on Zoom, and range on topics from emotions management to leadership development programs, skills’ enhancement to spiritual growth. You can read more about our Online Workshops by clicking here.

Click here to read about our upcoming 4-day residential retreat – Celebrate You, scheduled for 11-14 February, in Pondicherry, India

Our Webinars are of 1 hour duration, and help you get acquainted with various concepts, leaving you with beautiful insights and easy-to-implements tips and techniques. Read more about our webinars here.