7 Mistakes That Can Negatively Impact Your Career

No one deliberately jeopardizes their career. But you could be doing some things unknowingly that could have unpleasant and unfavourable outcomes.

Here are 7 such mistakes that we recommend you avoid.

  1. Not asking for that raise/promotion that you believe you deserve

If you wait for the company to realize your worth and give you a raise or promotion that you think you deserve, that day might never come. If you do not openly express your expectations, your management can think that you are okay with whatever is offered to you. If you ask and they refuse, you can evaluate your options – whether you wish to negotiate, move on or make peace. The key is to be assertive, without coming across as obnoxious or pushy.

  • Not speaking explicitly about the work you’ve been doing  

If you’re doing good work, talk about it too. Take advantage of LinkedIn and keep your activities updated. Do not sit back and wait for the world to guess what you have been up to. Believe that you are good, and let others know that too. Many do not do this thinking they will come across as pompous or arrogant, but not talking about yourself will not let you shine, or highlight your accomplishments.

  • Gossiping or ranting about coworkers. Talking about coworkers can land you in trouble. Avoid speaking about other people unless you have something positive to say. Anything negative can get quoted inappropriately or misconstrued, and can cost you dearly.
  • Considering your manager your competition- At the end of the day, you are reporting to your manager, and it is important that you have a cordial equation, even if you do not like them too much. If you make them look good, it is going to work in your favour. If you try to sabotage their position or reputation, you will have consequences to deal with.
  • Engaging with coworkers that complain and rant too much. Maintain distance from coworkers that are always complaining and cribbing, as you might get into trouble for lending them a listening ear all the time, or may be perceived as a partner in crime.
  • Searching for another job during your working hours. Your company is likely to check your internet log from time to time. If you’re spending time each day on job portals, during your company time, using company resources, you might lose your job. Look for a new job during personal time, using personal resources. Be sure to use your personal email ID and number too.
  • Publicly searching for a new job. If you have your LinkedIn title as ‘Seeking better opportunities’ while you are still employed, you might offend your employer, because word spreads quickly, and no amount of account settings can help salvage the situation.

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